Our mission statement

We got into this business to befriend and work with the famous and not so famous.

We love to meet those not yet famous, to help lend a hand in that rise to fame.

It is all first and foremost, about you!!

BITN is driven to be a major public relations provider for all phases of business and entertainment.

To always strive to create colorful, unique and professional PR campaigns - grab and hold the public imagination and create positive buzz for our clients.

To always make our clients look entirely professional and held to the highest degree of honor in their field.

We are not a "business as usual" or "That's PR spin folks" kind of company. We employ no cookie cutter methods, nor tell lies of any shape or color. We will make you or your company sound fresh and unique with truths based on honest analyses and research. Everyone has a story to tell a story, which creates the basis for true advertising in the purest sense known. Allow us to think outside the box for you. We will display your story - it is what we do best. You ply your chosen field having the peace of mind you shine in the best possible light..


Company Profile

We are fully licensed in the state of Nevada

Owned and operated by Dave Williams, publicist and promotional director with over thirty years in advertising.

Focus on creative writing day to day news and the information side of business.

Vast experience in all phases of the printed word, it's creation, dissemination and usage.

Major event planners! We create exciting, fun party-like environments everyone will enjoy.

An eye to detail and thinking outside the box.

This allows us to create unique, effective public relations campaigns.

Combined assets of digital advertising, printing expertise, human resource experience at your disposal.

Creation, writing and editing of all types of missives and promotional campaigns with an eye to literacy.

An innate passion in the promotion of all people and businesses in the direct positive.

We consider everyone to be a friend and confidant. Every client is the most important client.

Non-profit, pro bono work offered on an individual, by choice basis. Contact us for more information.