BITN Public Relations says:

Are you a failed business statistic or a winner?
All business starts out with a winning attitude - unfortunately, some will fail. The fact is they lose track of the original values offered: good customer service, honesty and availability. Be in business, to make money, gain friends, influence customer opinion. Most businesses fail due to a lack of easily gained knowledge. We offer to let you do what you do best. Let us guide the customer flow in your direction. That is what we do! You will not regret hiring us but you will regret if you do not.

The basis of our business is to promote your business. We will do so in the most positive context possible. We adamantly believe our clients to be the greatest in what they do and always strive to relate that to the public at large. All businesses are unique. The key is letting the public know businesses strengths thus, helping influence choice.

We strive to shed a positive light on the inner workings of your business in general. We bridge the knowledge gap to make it easier for nonprofessionals to understand your business more fully.

Public relations are responsible for the human-interest stories you read in the media. We create many of the great, positive stories you read on a daily basis.

Here at BITN, we employ positive writing and absolute verification thus allowing a good story to grow naturally. Eventually it will gain its own momentum. Sometimes it takes three or four short articles, to reflect the various angles of the subject.

Through market evaluation, competitive market addressing and total customer/business evaluation we determine what is right and wrong on the customer's level. This helps clients in keep loyal customers and gain new customers. We are consumers on a professional level and as such give solid advice. This helps make the experience you offer to your customers more pleasurable for both parties.

Let BITN handle your public relations, end up on a winning team every time!

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